XML parsers and their types

XML parsers and their types

An XML parser is a software module to read documents and a means to grant access to their content. The XML parser generates a structured tree structure to send the results back to the browser. An XML parser is similar to a processor that determines the structure and properties of the data. An XML parser can read an XML document to create an output to generate a display form. There are a number of parsers available, a few of which are listed below:

The Xerces Java Parser

The main uses of the Xerces Java parser are building XML-savvy web servers and

ensuring the integrity of e-business data expressed in XML.

expat XML parser.

The expat XML parser is written in C and runs on UNIX or W32. The expat XML parser is not a validating processor; you can only use it to write an XML parser. This parser is a contribution by James Clark.

XP and XT

XP is a Java-based XML validating parser and XT is an XSL processor. Both are written in Java.XP detects all malformed documents. It delivers high performance and strives to be the fastest conformal XML parser in Java. On the other hand, XT is a set of tools for building programme transformation systems. The tools include beautiful prints, bundling of systems, tree transformations, etc. SAXA Simple


API for XML (SAX) was developed by the members of a public mailing list (XML-DEV). It provides an event-based approach to XML parsing. It means that, instead of going from node to node, it goes from event to event. SAX is an event-driven interface. Events include XML tags, detecting errors, etc.

Parser for XML-pull

It is optimal for applications that require a fast and small XML parser. It should be used when the whole process needs to be done quickly and efficiently to enter elements.

XML Parser for Java

It runs on any platform with a Java virtual machine. It is sometimes referred to as XML4J. It has an interface that allows you to take a string of XML formatted text, choose the XML tags, and use them to extract the tagged information.