XML Integration

XML Integration

Integrating XML into the SAP Business Connector

Companies are always looking for the most effective mechanism for both acquiring and selling goods and services at a very minimal total cost over the Internet. The Business Process Connectors for SAP systems support the dynamic integration between the application processes and server systems, enabling the faster and more efficient operation of SAP R/3, SAP Portals, and MySAP solutions. In the current model, the SAP Business Connector Framework uses XML schemas to generate a JSP that can be dynamically assessed from one of the web browsers, allowing one to directly test and deploy integration tools between the application server environment and SAP systems. To add flexibility, the convergence of the XML schema approach and the SA Business Connector facilitates all SAP standards.

Integrating business connectors with XML

SAP BC combines both the RFC server and the client. Moreover, it provides an XML layer over R/3 functionality and also comes with XML automation as it has the ability to convert RFC format from SAP to XML. There is no requirement for SAP R/3 automation on the receiving end as it supports both RFC synchronous and RFC asynchronous protocols.

Advantages of XML integration:

End-to-end web business processes

The Internet bridges the gap between different companies, systems, and users and enables them to do business over the Internet. Through its XML conversions, SAP BC makes communication easier. Through integration with XML, it enables the exchange of structured business documents over the Internet by providing a common standard for different applications and IT systems to communicate with each other and exchange business data. Open Business Document Exchange over the Internet

The SAP Business Connector uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to exchange XML-based documents over the Internet. Without the need for a development tool, it guarantees security when replacing documents in accordance with the help of its SSL (Security Socket Layer) technology. In addition, SAP BC provides openness and flexibility to meet the emerging semantics of business that change frequently.

XML Solutions for SAP Services

SAP BC makes all solutions accessible through XML-based business documents and, with the support of an XML-based Interface Repository (IFR), enables SAP customers to take advantage of SAP functionality over the Internet. It helps all major existing interfaces that are offered by SAP. This particular IFR gives the choice of XML schema downloads and tenders a unified XML interface representation despite different implementation technologies such as RFC, IDOC, and BAPI. XML messages can be easily translated into equivalent SAP internal calls whenever you want, and they’re converted back to XML format when received from the SAP system, improving the existing distributed application programming model formed by ALE together with SAP BC.